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Police Officer - Hospital Police - Main Hospital

Description Hours/Shift: Full Time, 5:50am

  • 5:50pm or 5:50pm

  • 5:50am, rotating weekends The primary purpose of this position is to provide protection, law enforcement, and security services to Health Care System patients, visitors and staff. People in this position investigate criminal acts on hospital grounds, protect life and property, patrol hospital buildings and grounds and prevent theft and vandalism.

    DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: 1. Patrol- Patrols assigned areas to promote an absence of crime. Properly documents and reports security or safety hazards.

    Escorts employees, patients, and visitors to parking areas. Provides after-hours access to secured areas for authorized personnel. Collects, inventories, and secures patient property when cashier’s office is not open.

    Maintains, compiles, and transports patient commitment documents to the magistrate’s office. Interacts with personnel in patrol areas and challenges all suspicious persons encountered. Assures that deceased bodies are entered and properly released from the morgue with proper identification.

    Serves warrants, orders, and subpoenas. Assists with intervention and redirection of persons observed to be in violation of the UNC Healthcare Tobacco-Free Workplace policy. 2. Communications: Communicates effectively via two-way radio, computer, email, telephone and via verbal communications within the Hospitals Police Department, as well as with other law enforcement agencies, Hospitals staff members, visitors and patients. 3.

    Investigations and Incident Report Writing- Enters incident reports into the Police-Pak system in a complete, concise, and proper manner.

    Investigates and documents all incidents of a criminal nature, including follow up investigations. Apprehends and arrests criminals.

    Submits all paperwork for arrest, felony prosecution reports, and uniform citations in a timely manner. Runs criminal history checks and utilizes NCIC/DCI/CJ Leads/NCAWARE. Takes custody of found items, secures them properly, and attempts to return property to its rightful owner.

    Investigates lost/stolen/damaged property. Initiates risk assessments on D.O.C. inmates, patients, and employees as required. Assists and coordinates activities of outside police agencies.

    Follows departmental and NC criminal justice standards for the collection and maintenance of evidence. 4. Traffic Control- Conducts parking surveys when requested or required. Enforces applicable parking regulations and writes citations for illegally parked or unauthorized vehicles in a “proactive” manner.

    Initiates towing of vehicles as required. 5. Emergency Response- Responds appropriately and in a timely manner to any and all emergency situations as well as activated security and panic alarms. Participates as a functioning part of the Emergency Response Team to provide or prevent access to the involved area as required in emergency situations.

    Maintains a working knowledge of emergency codes and UNC Hospitals Police response procedures. Assists with mental health patient custody issues and also assists in both arranging transportation to other facilities as well as escorting patients to units within UNC Hospitals. Controls disruptive patients. 6.

    Fixed Post Functions Emergency Department/Hospital Concourse- Controls patient and visitor entry as appropriate. Operates metal screening system to prevent weapons or other contraband from being brought into the patient treatment areas. Controls the entrance of visitors and employees after hours at the UNC Hospitals designated night entrance as well as screens for proper authorization and identification.

    Duties will include completing and processing Involuntary Commitment paperwork, acting as a liaison between other agencies during exchange of patient custody and diffusing potentially violent subjects. 7. Policy and Procedures/General Statutes- Maintains a familiarity with departmental policies and procedures as well as hospital policies to include the Departmental Policy Manual, the Hospital Administrative Policy Manual, Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy Manual, and Human Resources Policy Manual. Must be able to locate the hard copy of the departmental manual as well as online copies of the others.

    Must have a good working knowledge of both Federal and N.C. Criminal Statues and be able to apply them as required in the course of investigations or while on patrol. Must have a working knowledge of what probable cause is and how it affects various arrest situations.

    Must understand the Use of Force Policy and apply force in the performance of duty in a proper and reasonable manner. Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with all appropriate members of the Police Dept. and Hospital Community. 8. Special Areas of Responsibility-Proactively manages specific assigned areas of responsibility to include the following:

    Security sensitive area management, Light surveys, Airway box surveys, Panic alarm inspections, Access control inspections, Special events coordination, etc. *LI-MM2 cb# ## Qualifications Must be at least 20 years old and be a US Citizen. Requires high school diploma or GED. Successful completion of Basic Law Enforcement Certification Training is required.

    General North Carolina Law Enforcement Certification is preferred.

    Must qualify with a passing score with issued duty weapon on the department’s qualification course of fire within first nine months of hire (the Probationary Period). Must have the ability to work a shift of duty from 5:50 am to 5:50 pm or 5:50 pm to 5:50 AM, Shifts may be changed to conform to the needs of the department. Required Certifications:

    IAHSS Basic Certificate OC Pepper Spray Certification TASER Certification CIT Certification CPI Certification If the candidate does not possess these certifications he/she must obtain them during the probationary period IAHSS Basic Certificate must be obtained within the probationary period. Must possess a valid NC driver’s license, pass a substance/drug test, comply with UNC Health Care required immunizations and undergo a background investigation. Police/Security experience in a healthcare/mental health environment preferred.

    Must be able to write a computer generated report, using a computerized form, based on a short fact scenario, which will be provided. A Passing score is 70%, objective scoring based on content, grammar, spelling, etc.

Primary Location: United States-North Carolina-Chapel Hill Department: 1000-UNCH Job Posting: Apr 3, 2017, 9:01:48 AM Shift: Variable Req ID: SEC000X6

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Police Officer (Patrol Officer Recruit) - Range 35 / APD

Job Title: POLICE OFFICER (Patrol Officer Recruit) - Range 35 / APD Closing Date/Time:

Tue. 09/05/17 6:00 PM Alaska Time Salary: $33.11 - $44.42 Hourly $2,648.80 - $3,553.60 Biweekly $5,739.07 - $7,699.47 Monthly $68,868.80 - $92,393.60 Annually Job Type: Regular / Full Time Location: 4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, Alaska Department: Anchorage Police Department Print Job Information | Apply Job Information Benefits Supplemental Questions Open to the general public and any current Municipal employee.

This announcement is for the recruitment of Police Officers. Applicants who are successful in the testing and selection process may be added to the eligibility list to be considered for positions that become available in the future. This position is represented by the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association (APDEA) and is subject to the provisions of the current contract between the Municipality of Anchorage and the APDEA.

If the person selected is not affiliated with the APDEA union, he or she must become a member in good standing within 31 days of beginning work. DEPARTMENT: Anchorage Police Department HOURS OF WORK: 40 per week; Shifts Vary LOCATION OF WORK: 4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK Example of Duties: Enforcement of all criminal and traffic laws including the identification and apprehension of violators.

Perform a variety of crime prevention and enforcement duties as assigned. Respond to complaints and requests for Police assistance and intervene in various situations as required. Enforce traffic regulations, direct traffic, investigate collisions and complete detailed collision reports.

Conduct preliminary investigations; collect and preserve evidence. Maintain records and daily reports; prepare cases for court testimony. Testify in court as required.

Coordinate with other agencies as required. The duties and requirements of a Police Officer include, but may not be limited to, performance of the following activities: use of firearms, driving emergency vehicles, handcuffing prisoners, administering first aid, rescue operations, lifting and carrying 0-70 lbs, directing traffic, subdue prisoners, pursue suspects, walking-lateral mobility, walking over rough terrain, bending, stooping, crouching, sitting, standing, standing for long periods, kneeling, twisting body, pushing, pulling, running, sense of touch, reaching, gripping hands and fingers, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, hearing alarms, hearing voice conversation, color identification, close vision, far vision, side vision-depth perception, night vision, maintaining balance, finger dexterity, speaking English, physically control combative and disruptive persons. Physical audio / visual requirements include normal color discrimination, normal binocular coordination, normal peripheral vision, and corrected visual acuity of 20/30 or better in each eye.

Normal color discrimination is defined as having the ability to discern the primary safety colors of red, green and yellow. Requires normal hearing or having no hearing defect which would adversely affect performance as a Police Officer. Minimum Qualifications / Substitutions / Preferences:

  • Must be a citizen of the USA at time of application

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent

  • Must be at least 21 years old by date of hire

  • Must possess a valid State of Alaska Driver's license by time of hire

  • Must meet Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) and Anchorage Police Department (APD) standards regarding misdemeanor and/or felony convictions, traffic violations and use of controlled substances. Such as: + No criminal convictions after reaching the age of 21 + Convictions under age 21 will be individually assessed + No marijuana use within the past three (3) years + Refer to the Background Investigation information in the Notice Section for further, specific details.

  • Must be able to obtain APSC certification within 13 months of hire (AS 18.65.240). Applicants for this position will possess the following qualities: + Unquestionable character and integrity + Free of cultural and ethnic bias + Strong ethical code in both personal and professional life + Desire to diligently protect and serve the community through courage, compassion and respect + Personal conduct above reproach All position-required licenses or certifications must remain current for the duration of employment. Additional Important Information:

    TESTING INFORMATION AND NOTIFICATION: Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, have acceptable employment records, and meet Municipal standards related to driving guidelines and criminal conviction history may be invited to participate in the Police Officer Testing process.

    Applicants invited to test will be notified of the testing dates, times, and locations via email and/or phone.

    Ensure the email and phone number provided on the application are valid and current. Testing notifications will only be sent to the email address listed on the application. An APD Police Officer is a professional and highly sought after position.

    Applicants should consider every step in the process as part of a professional job interview. Appearance and conduct during the process should exude professionalism. Applicants with unprofessional attire, such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or tennis shoes, may be turned away from testing or disqualified.

    This does not apply to the physical ability testing; appropriate workout clothing is required for this test. If during any portion of the application, entry level testing or background process it is discovered that the applicant falsified any material fact, or intentionally omitted or modified material facts, the applicant will not be eligible to re-apply or be considered for any position with the Anchorage Police Department. Entry Testing Information:

    All applicants must pass the entry level Police test by I/O Solutions. The written test is the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory Integrity 2 (NCJOSI2). For information regarding the written test, study guides and practice tests, go to Any cost related to this information is at the expense of the applicant.

    Applicants must meet the minimum passing score to be advanced to the Physical Ability Test. NCJOSI2 test results are valid for two (2) years. Unsuccessful applicants are not eligible to re-apply for six (6) months from the date of testing.

    Physical Ability Testing (PAT) Information: For detailed information regarding these tests, refer to the APD recruitment website at: Sit-ups: This test measures muscular endurance of the abdominal musculature and will count the number of correct sit-ups completed in a one-minute duration.

    Applicants must complete 27 sit-ups in one (1) minute to pass. Push-ups: This test measures muscular endurance of the upper body and will count the number of correct push-ups completed.

    Applicants must complete 15 push-ups to pass. 300 Meter Run:

    This test measures anaerobic power and will measure the time required to sprint 300 meters. Applicants must complete the course in 65.2 seconds to pass. 1 ½ Mile Run:

    This test provides an estimate of the cardio- respiratory fitness level and will measure the time required to run 1.5 miles. Applicants must complete the run in 15 minutes and 17 seconds to pass. Applicants must successfully complete the Physical Ability Test in order to continue in the selection process.

    Unsuccessful applicants may retake the test after 30 days. Unsuccessful applicants can only test a total of three (3) times within a one (1) year period. CONDITIONAL OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT – BACKGROUND PHASE:

    Applicants who successfully complete the Physical Ability Test will be given a "Conditional Offer of Employment". The six (6) Steps and conditions of employment are listed below. Step 1: Preliminary Interview:

    The preliminary interview is a structured interview focused on behavior relevant to the essential job elements required for the position of Police Officer. The applicant's interview skills, employment history, driving history, illegal substance abuse history and other relevant information will be assessed to determine if the applicant meets Anchorage Police Department standards. Step 2:

    Background Investigations: The Background Investigation is a critical examination of an applicant's past work and personal history. The Background Investigation phase takes the majority of time in the application process.

    Applicants who are not successful during the Background Investigation phase are eligible to re-apply two (2) years from the date of the conditional offer unless otherwise indicated. If during any portion of the process/background investigation it is discovered the applicant committed an act or acts which would constitute felonious conduct under Statutes, except the specific exclusions regarding simple possession and/or use of a controlled substance, the applicant will not be eligible to re-apply or be considered for any position with the Anchorage Police Department. The investigation consists of: + Employment history + Criminal and civil history checks + Military records + Driving history checks + Credit history checks Interviews with: + Spouses/significant others + Employers, co-workers + Neighbors + Secondary developed references Eliminating Factors are listed below.

    Includes but is not limited to: CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS Conviction of a felony crime by a civilian court of a US State, Federal Court, Territory, or Military Court or any other Country for an offense which would be classified as a felony under Alaska Statue. Misdemeanor criminal conviction after 21 years of age.

    Misdemeanor criminal convictions that occur before 21 years of age will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. SUBSTANCE ABUSE Illegally manufactured, transported or possessed with intent to sell or distribute, or who has sold a controlled substance and/or an imitation controlled substance, unless under 21 years of age and the act occured more than 10 years before the date of hire. Illegally used any controlled substance, other than marijuana, such as scheduled prescription medications within five (5) years of the date of application; or the use of prescription medication not prescribed to you within five (5) years of the date of application (unless under the age of 21 at the time). Used marijuana to any degree within three (3) years of the date of application, regardless of marijuana's legal status at the time.

    To any degree, used an illegal controlled substance while employed as a certified Municipal, State, or Federal peace officer, or correctional officer. Step 3: Psychological Assessment:

    The Psychological Assessment is a two-part process, and is used to determine suitability for the position. The first part is a written exam, and the second part is an interview with a State of Alaska licensed Psychologist. The written exam can take approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete.

    Applicants must successfully complete the Psychological Assessment in order to continue in the selection process.

    Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply after two (2) years. Step 4:

    Polygraph Examination: Successful applicants will be required to submit to a Polygraph Examination. Applicants must successfully complete the Polygraph Examination in order to continue in the selection process.

    Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply after two (2) years. Step 5: Command Review and Chief's Selection:

    After passing all previous steps and phases, applicant files will be forwarded to a command review, where a panel of no less than three command level officers will review applicant files before they are forwarded to the Chief for final selection. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply after two (2) years. Step 6:

    FINAL CONDITIONAL OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT: The Municipal Employment Office will contact the selected applicants to make a final conditional offer of employment. The final conditional offer of employment is based upon successful completion of the remaining conditions of employment: + Medical examination by an MOA designated licensed physician to determine if the applicant is physically sound and free from physical defects that would adversely affect the performance of duties required by a Police Officer.

  • Satisfactory passing a drug screen

  • Submission of a current copy of the applicants State of Alaska Driver's License

  • Submission of a current (dated within 30 days from the date requested) copy of his/her Department of Motor Vehicle driving record, including a driving record from previous states if the Alaska Driver's License was first issued within one year prior to application, documenting an acceptable driving history. The processing fee(s) are the responsibility of the selected applicant.

    For information on acceptable driving history, please refer to the MOA Driving Conviction Guidelines. All information from pre-employment examinations are the property of the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) and are confidential. Copies of any pre-employment examinations will not be provided to the applicant by the MOA or the medical provider.

    Selected applicants must successfully complete these remaining conditions in order to be hired. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply after two (2) years from the date of the conditional offer. The Municipality Of Anchorage participates in the U.S.

    Department of Homeland Security E-verify Program. For more information, please go to E-Verify® is a registered trademark of the U.S.

    Department of Homeland Security. VETERANS: Veterans who wish to be considered for interview preference as allowed in the Personnel Rules 3.30.031 D must attach a copy of their DD Form 214 to the application. The DD Form 214 must show an honorable discharge.

    Minimum Qualifications of the position must be met for preference consideration. The Municipality of Anchorage is an Employer of National Service. Please be sure to include any volunteer work with AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or other national service programs on your application in the work history portion.

    APPLICATION PROCESS: Once an applicant clicks on the "Apply" link underneath the header section of a vacancy announcement, they will be directed to the website to log into their existing account (or to create an account) of their application profile. Applicants will create or review their profile, make any updates necessary, and submit their application from their personal account.

    NOTE: The GovernmentJobs website and applicant's profile accounts are not administered by the Municipality of Anchorage. For technical assistance or customer service regarding an account profile, applicants may contact the GovernmentJobs customer support line at 1-855-524-5627. For general questions regarding Municipal vacancy announcements or the employment process with the Municipality of Anchorage, applicants may contact the Employee Relations Department at (907) 343-4447 during regular business hours of Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Alaska Time. The MOA is an EO and AA employer and complies with Title I of the ADA.

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Police Officer (Part-Time)

Position Information Posting Number NONAC1004 Job Title Police Officer (Part-Time) Position Title Police Officer (Part-Time) Position Type Non-Faculty Pay Rate Department Public Safety Position Summary Work is performed in investigating crimes and accidents, protecting property, facilities, citizens, staff and students by law enforcement. Patrols the campus by foot, bicycle or motor vehicle.

Directs and controls traffic and issues citations for traffic and parking violations. Testifies in court or legal proceedings. Operates and maintains law enforcement equipment.

Keeps records and makes reports. Knowledge of the court system and presentation of evidence in court proceedings. Knowledge of institutional policies, city, county and state laws.

Knowledge of geographic areas of the campus. Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations and to determine proper course of action. Ability to meet local area and institutional requirements related to bonding, arrest authority and weapons use.

Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with students, the public and other employees. Minimum Qualifications Education: 2 years of college education or Associate’s Degree. Must have current certification by the state of Georgia P.O.S.T. as a Peace Officer.

Must have a valid Driver’s License and an insurable driving record. Experience: 1 – 2 years of related experience. In lieu of educational requirements, experience may be substituted on a year for year basis. Preferred Qualifications Posting Date 04/12/2017 Closing Date Open Until Filled Yes Special Instructions to Applicants

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Police Officer Trainee

Police Officer Trainee Print Apply Police Officer Trainee Salary $38,541.71 - $50,101.53 Annually Location Nashville, TN Job Type Full-Time Civil Service Department Police Officer Trainee Job Number C15-2016 + Description

  • Benefits + Questions Position Description Attends and completes an in-service and field training program in police science. Performs related duties as required. Note: Per Metro Ordinance No. SO94-1078. All employees of the Metropolitan Government shall be residents of the State of Tennessee or become residents of the state within six (6) months of employment as a prerequisite to employment with the Metropolitan Government. Typical Duties This classification spends considerable time in a classroom environment and requires some physical exertion such as running, walking, climbing, bending, stooping, stretching, or similar activities. Completes a basic training program that consists of courses in criminal law, firearms training, physical training, first aid, traffic accident investigation, traffic law enforcement, human relations, crime scene research, riot control, patrol procedures, departmental policies, report writing, and other related areas. Minimum Qualifications The Metro Nashville Police Department is a 24/7 operation. Employees must be able to work any day and/or shift, as needed.

  • At least sixty (60) semester hours of course work from an accredited college or university with an overall G.P.A. of 2.0 ("C" average) or above


  • High school diploma or GED plus one of the following: * at least two (2) years active military duty (Honorable Discharge) * at least two (2) years as a full-time, certified (Tennessee P.O.S.T. Certification or equivalent State certification) active law enforcement officer * 5 years responsible, full-time work experience

No Other Substitutions

NOTE: Once hired, employees are required to successfully complete the Metro Nashville Police Training Academy. LICENSES REQUIRED Valid "Class D" Driver's License ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS 1. Must be 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen at the time of hire, or a permanent legal resident of the United States who is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States armed forces. 2. Far visual acuity must be at least 20/20 in the better eye and 20/30 in the other eye binocular corrected with contact lenses or spectacles. Far visual acuity uncorrected must be at least 20/100 binocular for wearers of hard contacts or spectacles. Successful long-term soft contact lens wearers shall not be subject to the uncorrected criterion. Applicants must have worn soft contacts for at least six months prior to the employment physical. * 3. Must have normal color vision. 4. Must pass a medical examination with standards set out in the Metropolitan Charter. *NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may, at the request of the Chief of Police, allow an applicant admission to the Metropolitan Police Department Training Academy, provided the applicant's overall uncorrected vision is 20/20, and has previously demonstrated the ability to complete the curriculum prescribed by the Metropolitan Police Department. Review the Police Officer Trainee Employment Standards before applying. The following required documents MUST be submitted at the time of application: + Birth Certificate + High School Diploma or GED + Official College Transcripts

  • If you wish to qualify under the college path, we need a copy of your official college transcript. Transcripts Issued To Student are accepted only if they include the registrar's signature/seal (showing 60 semester hours and 2.0 GPA).
  • Military Discharge, long form DD214
  • If you wish to qualify under the military path. According to the Tennessee P.O.S.T. Commission Law Enforcement Officer Certification Requirements, applicants must not have been released or discharged under any other than honorable discharge from any of the armed forces of the United States.
  • P.O.S.T. Certification
  • If you are an existing Police Officer.
  • If you wish to qualify under the five+ years of full-time work experience, be sure to include a detailed employment history in the Work Experience section of the application. Candidates with accreditations earned in a foreign institute are encouraged to apply. All supporting documents must be attached to your online application at the time of application. Each document should be saved individually in a PDF format. Do not include resumes, cover letters, driver's license, social security cards, or various training certificates. 20 Vacation Days per year 3 Personal Days per year 12 Sick Days per year 11 Paid Holidays per year 01 Are you a United States citizen?

  • Yes

  • No 02 Do you have a valid "Class D" (operator) Driver's License?

  • Yes

  • No 03 Do you have a High School Diploma or a state issued G.E.D.?

  • Yes

  • No 04 Applicants must be 21 years of age or older to apply for Police Officer Trainee. Applications from candidates who are within two months of their 21st birthday will be accepted. I have attached a copy of my birth certificate to this employment application.

  • Yes, I have attached a copy of my birth certificate to the application

  • No, I have not attached my birth certificate 05 Are you fluent with a language, other than English, in both written and spoken word?

  • Yes

  • No 06 If your are bilingual, list the language(s) other than English in which you are fluent. 07 Do you have a felony conviction?

  • Yes

  • No 08 Have you ever sold any kind of narcotic, dangerous drug or marijuana?

  • Yes

  • No 09 Have you used marijuana within the past two years?

  • Yes

  • No 10 Which of the following best describes your qualifications for Police Officer Trainee?

  • I have earned 60 or more semester hours of college credit from an accredited college or university and have a 2.0 GPA or higher

  • I have two or more years of active military service and have/will receive an honorable discharge

  • I have five or more years of full-time work experience (post high school graduation or 18th birthday).

  • I am/was a Police Officer for two or more years and have POST certification or equivelant 11 Based on your qualifications, mark the answer below to indicate which document(s) you will attach to your application for Police Officer Trainee. NOTE: Each document must be attached as a separate file.

  • College credit

  • Attach a copy of your "official" college transcripts. "Official" transcripts can be those Issued To Student and they must have the schools registrar's signature. Transcripts printed from the school's website are not acceptable
  • Military credit
  • Attach a copy of your DD214 - LONG FORM that lists discharge information. If you are currently serving a letter from your commanding officer stating that you will receive an honorable discharge is acceptable. Also attach copy of proof of education (i.e. High School Diploma, G.E.D. transcripts, or college transcripts) + Work experience

  • Attach a copy of High School Diploma or G.E.D. Transcripts

  • Prior police experience
  • Attach a copy of high school diploma, G.E.D. transcripts, or college transcripts and a copy of P.O.S.T. certificate or equivelant 12 Do you live in the middle Tennessee area, or if not, are you willing to relocate to the middle Tennessee area if offered the Police Officer Trainee position?
  • Yes

  • No 13 Per TCA code 38-8-106, applicants for Public Safety positions shall "Not have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to or entered a plea of nolo contendere to any felony charge OR to any violation of any federal or state laws or city ordinances relating to force, violence, theft, dishonesty, gambling, liquor, controlled substances". Do you have any violations related to the above stated code that would prevent you from continuing in the application process?

  • Yes

  • No 14 I understand that all related work history/experience, education, certification and/or licenses must be reflected on my application for this position. All required documents MUST be attached BEFORE I CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON on my application for Police Officer Trainee. I further understand that an incomplete application or missing documents will result in disqualification.

  • Yes Required Question Agency Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County Address Human Resources Department 404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1000 Nashville, Tennessee, 37219. Phone (615) 862-6640 Website Apply Your browser does not support the IFRAME feature, which is required by this web page.

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Police Officer

Police Officer Salary Not Displayed Location University Police Main Campus, AL Job Type Regular Full-time Department Executive Vice President Job Number 003634 Closing Continuous + Description

  • Benefits + Questions About Us The University of South Alabama is one of the fastest growing universities in the South, providing quality academic programs, innovative classroom experiences, and a campus rich in diversity and student life. Essential Functions Performs patrol of assigned area(s) on foot, patrol vehicle, or other methods; issues temporary parking permits and provides general information to visitors; enforces state and federal laws with police powers of arrest; enforces University rules and regulations; conducts traffic related enforcement for both moving and parking violations; responds to various types of emergencies and performs activities necessary to protect life and property to include summoning appropriate emergency response agencies and personnel; responds to and investigates criminal and non-criminal incidents and completes appropriate reports; performs law enforcement services on University owned and leased property in accordance with applicable law; provides security related services at special functions and other times as required by department supervisor(s); directs traffic as needed; apprehends violators of traffic/criminal law as prescribed by law; testifies in legal/administrative hearings as needed; performs patrols to prevent or reduce the likelihood of criminal offenses being committed; regular and prompt attendance; ability to work schedule as defined and overtime as required; related duties as required.

    Minimum Requirements High school diploma or equivalent, must meet the minimum standards set by the state of Alabama for a Police Officer. Satisfactory completion of drug/alcohol and psychological screenings required prior to employment. Possession of a valid driver's license and maintenance of a driving record sufficient to maintain insurance coverage under the University of South Alabama.

    A bachelor's degree is preferred. Working Days and Hours Days Vary Hours Vary

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Police Officer In Training

For more than 135 years, Prairie View A&M University has had reputation for producing productive people. Our high caliber, talented workforce is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service.

Your career opportunities with a “University of the first class” begins here…. Prairie View A&M University is also a member of the Texas A&M University System. The Texas A&M University System members educate more than 120,000 students and reach another 22 million people through service each year. With more than 28,000 faculty and staff, the A&M System has a physical presence in 250 of the state's 254 counties.

The Texas A&M University System is a unique American institution, fostering a culture of friendliness, diversity, compassion and respect for one another. Posting Number: S00579JP Posting Summary:

This position is responsible for providing a safe environment for the university community. Primary duties include, but are not limited to, patrolling property under the jurisdiction of Prairie View A&M University in Waller County by bicycle or on foot; investigating illegal or suspicious activities, persons and establishments, causes and results of accidents; enforcing all criminal laws and violations of the Criminal Penal code of the state of Texas; reporting all violations of the rules and regulations of Prairie View A&M University; providing assistance to the public whenever possible; preventing crime, suppressing disturbances, issuing citations and testifying in Justice of the Peace Court as well as County and District Courts and student judicial hearings; guarding and transporting prisoners; providing escort service as needed and assisting state, county and city law enforcement authorities as requested; responding to emergency calls and take appropriate action; providing assistance to other law enforcement and community departments or agencies; safely operating and properly maintaining departmental vehicles; preparing reports relating to activities in accordance with PVPD Policy; providing traffic enforcement and regulations; attending training session to obtain information on new procedures and maintaining compliance with departmental standards; maintaining liaison with investigators, officers and other departmental personnel. Required Education:

High school diploma or GED Required Experience: Two years of full-time employment. Required Certification(s)/Licensure(s): Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) basic certification.

Valid driver’s license. Preferred Education: Some College/Associate’s degree with 30 earned college credit hours.

Preferred Experience Requirements: Years of continuous law enforcement service in the state of Texas or active duty in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces my be substituted in lieu of education.

Each year of continuous experience as a commissioned law enforcement officer in the state of Texas may be substituted for ten (10) hours of college credit (3 years continuous experience as a commissioned law enforcement office in the state of Texas is the equivalent of 30 earned college credit hours). Preferred Licenses/Certifications : Basic Peace Officer Certification (TECLOSE), Texas Drivers License Special Requirements: Instructions for attachments: Other Document 1:

Copy of TCLEOSE certification The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) and its member institutions are now part of a standardized Pay Plan effective December 1, 2016. All job postings with a title that is not a part of the new TAMUS standardized pay plan will be matched to an appropriate title under the TAMUS standardized pay plan. Upon hire, the successful candidate will be notified of the title change. Prairie View A&M University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/Veterans/Disability Employer

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Police Officer

The Palo Alto Police Department has positions available for a Lateral and Police Officer Trainee and Academy Graduate. Position Overview: To preserve public peace, protect life and property, prevent crime, enforce all laws and ordinances of which the Department takes cognizance; to be involved in community relations and specialized work. The Police Officer/Academy Graduate position is distinguished from the Police Officer Trainee position by one of the following: * Completion of a California POST certified police academy Regular Basic Course AND have service as a sworn police officer in a California POST Police agency within the past 3 years and possess a California POST Basic Certificate. * A lateral officer who have been employed by a California POST police agency and served as a sworn solo beat officer who successfully completed a Field Training Officer Program within the past 3 years.

  • The Academy Graduate is not required to have a California POST Basic Certificate, but must have worked for a law enforcement agency within a year of academy graduation or you must apply as a Police Officer Trainee. Minimum Qualifications:

POLICE OFFICER TRAINEE: Under close supervision, this position attends a Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certified police academy, participating in and passing all required classes for a period of approximately 18-22 weeks. Upon successful completion of academy, incumbent becomes a probationary Police Officer. To be considered for an entry-level position, the following requirements must be met: * Must be at least 21 years of age at time of application

  • Must either be a U.S. citizen or have applied for citizenship within the past year

  • Must possess a California driver's license

  • Must not have any felony convictions

  • Must be able to legally posses a firearm in the State of California

  • Take the POST examination (see below) * Take a Physical Agility Test (See below) If your NEOGOV application is accepted and you are selected to go to the next phrase of testing, you will be notified by email to complete a POST PHS and submit it with the results from your POST examination and physical agility testing. The test results can not be more than a year old.

    Below is information on how to take the POST written exam and the physical agility test: Take the POST examination In order to be considered for employment as a police officer in Palo Alto, you must take the POST exam. The POST examination is administered at South Bay Regional Public Safety Consortium at 3095 Yerba Buena Rd in San Jose, however, we will accept results from any agency, as long as it is the California POST exam.

    Please register for the examination online at We require a "T" score of 50 or higher that is not more than a year old. Take a Physical Agility Test We require the passing of a Physical Agility Test (WSTB) which is also given by South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium, however, we will accept results from any agency, as long as it is the same tests given at SBRTC.

    There is a fee and you must register on-line via the SBRPSTC website at The results of the test will be mailed directly to you within two weeks of the initial testing date. Please provide us with a copy of the results along with your application. The minimum entry level requirement for the WSTB test is 384 and a 14 minute maximum time for the 1.5 mile run.


POLICE OFFICER LATERAL: * Minimum of 21 years of age

  • Completion of a California POST certified police academy Regular Basic Course

  • Possess a California POST Basic Certificate

  • Must have worked as a Police officer within the last three years.

ACADEMY GRADUATE: * Minimum of 21 years of age

  • Completion of a California POST certified police academy Regular Basic Course

  • Must have worked for a law enforcement agency with a year of academy graduation

The Palo Alto Police Department offers the following benefits for both Police Officer Lateral and Trainee: * Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) * 3% @ 55 years

  • Rotating 4/11 work schedule

  • Night differential pay, Field Training Officer (while training) and Bilingual Incentive all @ 5% for applicable candidates

  • Educational incentive pay at 5% of Intermediate and 7.5% for Advanced

  • Top quality health care plan including: medical, dental, vision and basic life insurance

  • Uniform and equipment fully paid, including dry cleaning.

  • Non-Contributory Deferred Compensation Plan The Palo Alto Police department recognizes diversity, the "just do it" approach to innovation, the value of each and every department member and the leadership, enthusiasm, and dedication they bring. Promotional opportunities are available every year and you remain involved in the investigation of your own cases – not just a report taker. The department looks for ways to prevent crime and works with the community on a one to one basis to find solutions.

Special Requirements for both Police Officer Lateral, Academy Graduate and Trainee: * Pre-employment: ability to pass drug and alcohol test.

  • Possession of a valid California Driver's License.

  • Weight in proportion to height; normal color vision; visual rating not exceeding 20/100 uncorrected, correctable to 20/30 in both eyes.

  • Citizenship: Must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident alien or have applied for citizenship and must complete citizenship process within 3 years.

  • Combination of education and experience equivalent to two years of college preferred but not required.

  • Satisfactory results on appropriate written, medical, background and psychiatric examinations



Supplemental Questionnaire Instructions for Police Officer Lateral and Trainee: Thank you for your interest in a position with the City of Palo Alto Police Department. You will need to read and agree to a number of conditions before applying for this position.

Many times applicants do not understand or realize the amount of time and level of commitment required to successfully complete the Police Officer Lateral and Trainee process.

The information given is to better help you determine your career path for the future. It is strongly suggested that you come to Palo Alto and take the time to find out about the City, it's priorities regarding public safety and the type of Police culture you are choosing. Competition is high and each candidate must be prepared and at their best in each level of the process in order to proceed to the next step.

Instructions: Police Officer Lateral, Academy Graduate and Trainee:It is strongly suggested that you come to Palo Alto and take the time to find out about the City, it's priorities regarding public safety and the type of Police culture you are choosing. Competition is high and each candidate must be prepared and at their best in each level of the process in order to proceed to the next step.

Listed below are the steps following acceptance of your completed Police Department application for the position of Police Officer Lateral and Trainee. You must pass each step in order to proceed to the next step in the process: POST Examination Written Skills Examination Thorough, detailed background examination will be conducted, which includes an extensive review of financial records and any criminal activity up to and including high school years.

Polygraph testing. Psychological testing Physical Exam (The process is intense and lengthy and knowing this up front can be helpful in reaching your decision to begin the process) Specific Disqualifiers for Police Officer Lateral, Academy Graduate and Trainee: * The City and Police Department have a very strong commitment to equal employment opportunity and prohibitions against unfair employment practices under Title VII (41 U.S.

Code 2000e), the Americans With Disabilities Act (42 U.S.

Code 12112), the State Unruh Civil Rights Act (Government Code Section 12940) and other applicable fair employment practices as outlined in the California Labor Code. The dilemma facing the Department is one of developing a job-valid and nondiscriminatory set of policies which will allow it to lawfully exclude persons who do not meet the City's or State's hiring standards. The Peace Officer Standards and Training Commissions of California and Nevada (P.O.S.T.) have developed a list of guidelines, identified as "10 background dimensions", which are used as a professional standard in background investigations.

Individual agencies have set their own standards (within applicable law) to interpret these guidelines. The standards on the following pages have been adopted by the Palo Alto Police Department as a prima facie disqualification for police officer applicants. You must read and agree to ALL the conditions presented to apply for this position.

Thank you for your interest in a position with the City of Palo Alto Police Department. You will need to read and agree to a number of conditions before applying for this position.

Many times applicants do not understand or realize the amount of time and level of commitment required to successfully complete the Police Officer Lateral , Academy Graduate and Trainee process.

The information given is to better help you determine your career path for the future. The standards on the following pages have been adopted by the Palo Alto Police Department as a prima facie disqualification for police officer applicants. You must read and agree to ALL the conditions presented to apply for this position.

Job Title: Police Officer Closing Date/Time: Continuous Salary: $47.34 - $56.26 Hourly $8,205.60 - $9,751.73 Monthly $98,467.20 - $117,020.80 Annually Job Type: Regular Full-Time Location: Police Dept, 275 Forest Ave, Palo Alto, California

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Police Officer

Police Officer Fort Lauderdale,FL Job Body Job Body This is a highly responsible position within the City of Fort Lauderdale that involves networking with the community and the protection of life and property. This is accomplished through patrol work, criminal investigation, community policing and enforcement of the laws of the State of Florida and the Ordinances of the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Assignments may typically involve routine motor patrol, motorcycle traffic enforcement, boats, bicycle or foot patrol. Officers receive assignments and instructions from police officers of a higher rank and perform work in accordance with Department policies and standard operating procedures. NOTE: The duties of this position will include all of those duties set forth in the official job description.

THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS These are the minimum requirements to test for the position. A background investigation will be conducted as part of the testing process to determine if the “moral character” of the candidate is appropriate for employment as a police officer. “Moral character” is determined by examination of the life experiences of the candidate including, but not limited to, the following listed factors. 1. Be a United States citizen at time of application. 2.

Be at least 19 years of age upon appointment. 3. Possess, or be eligible to obtain, a Florida driver’s license and have an acceptable driving record. 4. Be of good moral character and never have been convicted of any felony or a misdemeanor involving perjury or false statement, or have received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Any person who, after July 1, 1981, pleads guilty or nolo contendere to, or is found guilty of a felony, or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement, shall not be eligible for employment or appointment as an officer, in spite of suspension of sentence or withholding of adjudication. 5. Have graduated from a standard high school or possess an equivalent education. Graduation from the United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) or possession of a General Equivalency Diploma is acceptable only when accompanied by transcript of grades.

Out-of-state GED or USAFI must be acceptable by State of Florida Police Standards Council. A written test, physical agility and swim test are required prior to submitting your application. Job Ref: M61412

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Police Officer - On-Call - (1880)

Job Description:

Job Description:

Job Title:Public Safety Officer – Police Officer

Position Reports to:

Director of Public Safety

Position Summary: To provide safety, security, and protection services to Chatham University, by enforcing federal, state, and local laws and the policies and procedures of the University.

Qualifications: 1. High school graduation or an equivalent combination of training and experience. 2.

Certification under Pennsylvania Act 120 and Act 235. 3. Certification in emergency first aid, CPR, and AED. 4. Pennsylvania Driver’s License 5. Firefighter and/or safety experienced preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Provides safety, security, and protection services to the university community by patrolling assigned areas or buildings to enforce laws and university policies and procedures, which may include security of individual building/stationary locations. 2.

Responds to emergencies by assessing the situation, employing tact, diplomacy, and individual judgement to remedy and/or maintain control. Many situations will require the officer to provide on-site lead supervision over lower seniority officers who may be present. 3. Deters, restrains, and/or arrests individuals attempting to inflict physical harm on themselves or others or to commit criminal acts. 4.

Completes necessary administrative forms/reports related to incidents and/or arrests, to include gathering pertinent information from participants and/or witnesses. 5. Occasionally helps investigators and/or inspectors to conduct investigations or special projects as requested. 6. Occasionally provides security during the transportation of large sums of cash and/or valuables. 7.

Maintains regular radio contact with Base and/or other officers to clock in, advise of unusual situations, and to request backup when necessary. 8. Appears in court regarding incidents that occur in the University community when necessary. 9. Provides crowd control and/or traffic control during schedule activities or during emergency situations as necessary. 10.

Admits authorized personnel to locked buildings during security hours. 11. Observes and reports faulty and/or unsafe conditions, to include ensuring that fire and other safety precautions are in working order. 12. Provides emergency first aid and/or CPR to injured persons, or assists in the transportation of ill or injured persons when necessary. 13.

Attends internal and/or external training courses, classes, and seminars to further develop skills and knowledge. 14. Helps train new officers. 15. Provides basic information and directions to community members and/or the general public. 16.

Provides superiors with regular status reports/summaries related to the overall training and performance of new officers. 17. Provides other work-related duties as requested.

Job Requisition ID: 1880 Job Title: Police Officer - On-Call Job Type: Regular Part-Time Location: Pittsburgh, PA

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Special Police Officer - Special Police Services

Special Police Officer - Special Police Services Send This Job to a Friend Department Special Police Services Schedule full-time Shift 7P-7A Job Details This position has access to and knowledge of extremely sensitive, private and confidential materials. Ability to maintain the highest standard is required with zero tolerance.

All the primary duties within this document will be performed according to established policies, procedures and guidelines within the department and the Medical Center. JOB SUMMARY: Works under the direct supervision of the assigned squad Sergeant of Special Police or designated representative.

Enforces NC State Laws and motor vehicles laws in accordance to NC General Statues and public vehicle areas to include existing policies, procedures, laws, regulations and directives. Performs activities to ensure the safety and security of patients, visitors, employees, Medical Staff, and NHRMC property. Performs other duties as assigned.

PRIMARY JOB DUTIES: 1. Performs all assigned duties and requested services in a professional manner while displaying a positive teamwork attitude toward all customers. 2. Maintains proficiency in the knowledge of appropriate Company Police Laws / Regulations; state county, and city ordinances.

Initiates appropriate actions pertaining to violations occurring in/or on NHRMC's property. 3. Performs operational requirements to include, but not limited to maintaining high visibility to identify resolve potential violent situations; provide transports escorts; render vehicle assistance; effect traffic parking control; proper disposition of expired individuals; conduct area personnel searches; effect proper arrests; provide access control; provide assistance as required requested from customers; respond to STAT's CODES, and emergency situations; and conduct required requested investigations to include follow –ups. 4. Performs administrative functions in respect to completing required reports / logs; obtaining statements; serving civil paper; conducting required inspections/surveys; the issue of parking citations; and required/requested investigation documentation. 5.

Affects the timely resolution of situations, which will reduce overall liability, issues in the execution of required duties and responsibilities. 6. Maintains rapport with internal and external contacts at all levels of NHRMC and outside agencies to include state and local law enforcement agencies; other healthcare facilities, medical examiners, and recognized professional organizations to promote NHRMC's image and philosophy. 7. As required participates in the development of projects and study of specific issues requiring a proposal or concept. 8.

Maintains proficiency in the knowledge of required duties procedures of the NHRMC Security Management Program to ensure compliance with JCAHO standards. 9. Must meet all training mandated by NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards annually to include training mandated by Special Police / NHRMC. 10. Demonstrates standard of performance (ownership, teamwork communication, compassion) that support patient satisfaction and principles of service excellence. 11.

Performs other related duties as required. ESSENTIAL JOB SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Education: High School / GED required.

Associate degree or experience in related field preferred. 2. Licensure/Certifications: Company Police Agency:

Sworn position IAW NC General Statutes Chapter 74E, must be able to be certified as Company Policy Officer within (1) year from hire date, valid NC drivers license required, and American heart Association, Heartsaver AED Certification required. NC Basic Law Enforcement Training Certification required if not sworn officer at time of hire. Crisis Prevention training preferred. 3.

Experience: Recent (same year) Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) graduate or possesses a current probationary or general certification required. Minimum of one year in a law enforcement operational and/or administrative capacity or healthcare related environment preferred.

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