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Artificial Turf Installer

Job Description

Fuzion Energy is looking for qualified Turf installers who have an understanding of how to install Artificial Turf. 

Job duties will consist of:

  • Removal of existing grass or hard scape
  • Ability to level ground
  • Shovel and transport fill needed 
  • Measure and cut artificial turf
  • Seam and glue down turn

must be in good physical shape as this work is outside 

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Director Of Software Engineering - Machine Learning &Amp; Artificial Intelligence


Grow and direct the scaling
and adoption of Machine Learning across Cigna s Software Engineering
teams. We are looking for a talented,
experienced and passionate Machine Learning expert who will grow and direct
Software Engineering teams in the generation of insights that drive customer
behavior by leveraging practices like Recommender Systems, Anomaly detection,
NLP, Machine Vision, Collaborative Filtering, Clustering, Classification,
Regression, Deep Learning, and/or statistical modelling.

Our mission is to help the
people we serve improve their health, well-being and sense of security.

the preference is to have the role based in either our New York City, NY or
Bloomfield, CT office location, this individual may work from anywhere in the
United States, if open to travel to New York City or Bloomfield each month
(approximately 25% travel if not within daily commuting distance to either NYC
or Bloomfield).

- End to end hands-on
ownership of machine learning systems deployable across various projects
including data pipelines, model generation, and training and inference
- Quick Proof of Concept (POC) project ownership around projects that need Deep
Learning, Collaborative Filtering, Clustering/Unsupervised learning, mixed with
traditional approaches. POCs should result in rich and deep learning experience
for the organization, so that they can be applied to real world projects that
are also delivered here.
- Algorithm development, Model enhancements, around some key research areas
(innovation areas) that SVL is focusing on. This requires constant paper
reading, and staying ahead of the game by knowing what is and will be state of
the art in this exciting field.

- Manage team of Software
Engineers (comprised of a mix of employees and consultants) and grow this team
over time.


- Strong background in one or more of: Deep Learning, Machine Learning,
Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Recommendation Systems, Pattern
Recognition, Large Scale Data Mining or Artificial Intelligence.
- Strong Experience using one of TensorFlow, MXNet, Theano, Caffe and other
open source frameworks. Solid understanding of underlying concepts of Tensor
Flow (as an example) to understand/enhance the inner workings of an AI
framework of choice
- Delivery of a previous AI based project with success and failure stories from
a real customers, with a good sense of lessons learned and a clear interest and
passion in trying out what was learned in new projects
- Strong hands-on coding expertise with C/C++, Python, Scala, Lua, MATLAB, or any proficient AI language of choice
- A mathematical, statistical and probability inclination and deep
understanding of some AI concepts
- A sense of ambition and passion to change the world using AI and Deep
- MS with 6+ years in Computer Science field, or PhD with 3+ years in Computer Science field, or BS with 8+ years of applied machine learning experience. Degree preferred, not required if candidate possesses equivalent applied machine learning experience and expertise
US Candidates
Qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race,
color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity,
disability, veteran status. If you require a special accommodation, please
visit our Careers website or contact us at.

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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Research Developer

Responsibilities Comcast NBCUniversal Media Labs is looking for developer who is part of the team researching methods to allow NBCU to realize the full value of AI/ML technology.
What is Media Labs?
Media Labs is dedicated to driving a collaborative culture of innovation across all of NBCUniversal. We serve as an internal incubator and accelerator for emerging technology and are leading the way with fresh ideas to ignite the future of media and storytelling. We are committed to partnering with Comcast, startups, research and academic groups, content creators and brands to further innovation at NBCUniversal. One of our main themes is AI/ML, which is an initiative across the board to empower NBCU to realize the full value of data and empower businesses.

  • Possess knowledge of AI/ML training algorithms
  • Possess knowledge of drawing inferences from large data sets, including use of sparse data sets and/or semi-trained models
  • Work with commercially available Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV) /3rd party packages
  • Ability to integrate into various third-party solutions
  • Develop UI/UX solutions allowing users/operators to see the data in various states inside the platform.

  • Qualifications/Requirements
  • Bachelor/Masters in Computer Science, Engineering, or other related field
  • Experience with Linux, Java, Apache-Spark, Hadoop
  • Experience with C/C++, JSON, Go, Julia
  • Experience processing common databases
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    Principal Consultant - Artificial Intelligence

    Job Description

    Principal Consultant(s) (Domain) - US needed in Dallas, Texas, and various locations throughout the US, to lead the engagement effort for IT assignments, from business process consulting and problem definition to solution design, development and deployment. Lead proposal development. Contribute to branding via thought leadership, client training, and in-house capability building. Must have a Master's Degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Business (Administration, Finance, Accounting, or Management), Computer Applications, Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Engineering (any), Mathematics, or related field, plus two (2) years of IT experience as a Lead Consultant, Sr Consultant, Consultant, Software Engineer or related position in any one of the following functional processes- Financial, HR, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Supply Chain processes in any one of the following Industry Verticals: Retail, Manufacturing, Oil and gas, Energy, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Financial Services, Communication Services, Media, Entertainment, Insurance, Life Sciences, or Publishing and Utilities. In the alternative, we will accept a Bachelor's Degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Business (Administration, Finance, Accounting, or Management), Computer Applications, Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Engineering (any), Mathematics or related field, plus five (5) years of progressive IT experience. Two (2) years of the five (5) years of progressive IT experience must include experience with one of the following functional processes- Financial, HR, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Supply Chain processes in any one of the following Industry Verticals: Retail, Manufacturing, Oil and gas, Energy, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Financial Services, Communication Services, Media, Entertainment, Insurance, Life Sciences, or Publishing and Utilities. Must be willing to work anywhere in the U.S. as the position may involve relocation to various and unanticipated client site locations; any relocation to be paid by employer pursuant to internal policy. All experience may be acquired concurrently. Travel required. Any suitable combination of education, training, or experience is acceptable. 

    Company Description

    About* Giant* Gray,* Inc.: Headquartered* in* Houston,* with* a* regionalized* sales* and* engineering*
    presence* around* the* globe,* Giant* Gray* builds* multi-sensor,* artificial cognitive neurolinguistics*
    software* that* provides* enhanced* safety,* security,* and* operational* efficiency* to* businesses* and*
    government* agencies* across* complex* physical* environments* – from* sprawling* corporate*
    campuses* and* remote* oil* and* gas* operations,* to* ports* and* public* transportation* systems,* and*
    global* enterprise* networks* of* data.* The* patented,* adaptive,* and* self-learning* algorithms* of*
    Giant* Gray* technology* “see”* anomalies* in* volumes* of* data,* helping* to* dramatically* improve*
    business* operational* awareness* and* incident* response* for* its* customers* – as* well* as* preventing*
    costly* interruptions* and* breakdowns.* Giant* Gray’s* core* product* platform,* Graydient,* has*
    applications* in* industrial* (SCADA/ICS),* physical* security* and* surveillance,* cyber* security and*
    forensic* historical* data analysis.* For* more* information* about* Giant* Gray* and* its* products,* visit*

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    .Net Developer With Artificial Intelligence Knowledge

    Job Description

    ""need candidates with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), business rules system, bleeding edge technology, etc… We need to appeal to strong, ambitious, highly technical candidates"" 
    • Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of our VB.NET/C# applications, or their associated databases and data integration processes. This includes our eBV and Patient Plus (CRM) system and other web-based applications. 
    • Must be able to read and interpret business requirements documentation and technical specifications. 
    • Must be able to create detailed design and implementation documentation before and after code is written. 
    • Responsible for unit testing, code reviewing and validating own and peers work. 
    • Must be able to package up own and peers work for release to Development and QC environments. 
    • Must be able to participate in builds and coordination of installations to application environments. 
    • Must participate in the appropriate hand-offs necessary between functional groups in a mature SDLC environment 
    • Must be well versed in agile delivery methodology and work well within an agile scrum based team concept. 
    Project Methodology 
    • Primarily Scrum 
    • Process and Problem Solving oriented 
    • Mature SDLC 
    • Iterative when necessary 
    Job Expectations 
    • Reading and interpreting requirements for a new application or new data integration process 
    • Reading and interpreting technical documentation that consists of diagrams and text 
    • Reading and interpreting UML 
    • Able to find the root cause of a defect or production support issue and coordinate action to address the root cause. 
    • Designing a new application or new data integration process 
    • Estimate a new application or new data integration process 
    • Development of a new application or new data integration process 
    • Lead process improvement initiatives 
    • Assist with defining coding standards 
    • Mentor and assisting other developers 
    • Perform Manual Testing 
    • Manual Unit Test creation 
    • Automated Unit Test creation 
    • Designing a relational database 
    • Writing a complex stored procedure 
    • Provide progress reports to senior leaders 
    • Provide progress reports to IT department 
    • Present application design and development to IT teams 
    • Present application design and development to clients and partners 
    • Organize department meetings 
    • Organize cross functional team meetings 
    • Understanding of how business uses application 
    • Aware of how to perform a build and provide install instructions 
    • Ability to meet deadlines 
    • Ability to help plan projects and meet deadlines 
    • Able to design a branching strategy 
    • Ability to coordinate action of recommendation for use of laptop, IDE, Source Control repository, etc. 
    • Provides technical leadership to peers and junior developers 
    • Performs related duties as assigned 
    • Rarely works on maintenance items 
    • Ability to learn quickly 
    • Strong problem-solving 
    • Able to handle pressure situations 
    • Positive attitude 
    • Detail orientation 
    • Self-motivation 
    • Good communication skills 
    • Work individually and as a member of a large team 
    • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback 
    • 5+ years of experience in a similar environment 
    • 2+ years as a Senior Developer 
    • C#. ASP.NET, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, WCF Services, Ajax, Silverlight (optional), Entity Framework, LINQ, Infragistics or similar 3rd party controls (optional), MS Workflow, EDI for Application Development, Machine Learning/predictive analysis (preferred) 
    • Mulesoft, Informatica, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 
    • MS SQL Server 
    • Salesforce 
    • Understanding and use of object oriented programming 
    • Use of design patterns, such as SOA, Provider and Model View Controller, etc. 
    • Experience with SDLC concepts 
    • Experience with ITIL concepts 
    • Development certifications

    Company Description

    I manage recruitment for Acro Service Corporation Acro is a contract staffing company that provides IT, Engineering and Professional personnel to major corporations including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Care First , Blue Care Network, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, BP, Honeywell Aerospace , GM, Ford, Aon, CMS and many others.
    Acro has been in business for over 30 years and currently employs approximately 2,500 people throughout the United States. Additional information about Acro can be found on our web-site: .

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    Nail Tech- No Artificial Nails

    Job Description

    Nail Technician

    Jon‘Ric Austin is seeking a Nail Technician for its newest facility located in the Leander, Texas area. As a Nail Technician, you are responsible for providing professional nail treatments including pampering and therapeutic manicures and pedicures, using the standards established by Jon Ric Austin. You are also required to recommend a nail care program and products to be used at home and to give guests instructions on how to use the products to help them obtain and maintain healthy, beautiful nails both hand and feet. No artificial nails.


    Specialty Spa Manicures & Spa Pedicures




    1. Graduate of a Nail Technician school. Current Nail Technician license and certifications.

    2. Excellent communication skills required

    3. Ability to provide legible communication

    4. Intermediate level math skills

    5. High School Graduate

    6. Knowledge of physiology

    7. Graduate of a Cosmetology School and have a current TEXAS cosmetology license.



    1. Ability to assess guests’ physical needs

    2. Knowledge of proper treatment methods to ensure that no harm comes to guest

    3. Know the dangers and limitations of any chemicals being used

    4. Ability to perform job functions with minimal supervision

    5. Ability to focus attention on guests’ needs remaining calm and courteous

    6. Ability to think clearly, quickly, maintain concentration and make concise decisions

    7. Ability to prioritize, organize and follow up

    8. Ability to focus attention on details

    9. Ability to maintain confidentiality of all guest information and pertinent Spa data

    10. Ability to work cohesively with all Spa areas and co-workers as part of a team

    11. Flexibility in schedule

    Essential Job Functions:

    1. Maintain complete knowledge of:

    a. Hours of operation and activities

    b. Spa and salon services and products

    c. Scheduled daily group activities

    2. Maintain complete knowledge of, and comply with, Spa and departmental policies and procedures

    3. Complete Jon Ric Spa protocol and treatments certification process successfully.

    4. Notify management with all maintenance needs.

    5. Greet each guest warmly and provide a courteous good-bye

    6. Handle guest complaints by following Jon Ric procedures and insuring guest satisfaction

    7. Prepare work station at beginning of shift with all necessary equipment and supplies.

    8. Responsible for sanitation procedures of all tools used after each guest including the cleanliness of Foot Spa.

    9. Perform daily routine of breakdown of work station.

    10. Maintain cleanliness of Salon area and Spa in general.

    11. Assist in the locker/changing room, waiting area and laundry room as needed.

    12. Dispose of any used linens to the proper area.

    13. Provide neat, legible treatment records to the Lead Therapist as required by Jon Ric policy

    14. Perform additional tasks as deemed necessary by management.

    15. Attend all required meetings and training sessions

    Company Description

    Jon'Ric International was founded in New Smyrna Beach, Florida in 1983 and is now one of the leading franchisors of upscale specialty spa experiences. Known for high-quality services and products, Jon'™Ric International has been a global leader in spa development, management and logistics simplification. With locations world-wide, our brand new location in Leander, TX is one like no other! We offer a Blow Dry Bar, Massages, Botox & Fillers, Cool Sculpting, Facial treatments, Micro-needling, Wellness pods, Cryotherapy and much more! Visit to learn more!

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    Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer Senior

    Basic Qualifications

    1-3+ years experience in C/C++ or Python.
    Experience in algorithm background.
    Experience with machine learning and digital signal processing (DSP) (computer vision, software defined radio) libraries.
    Experience building hardware/software prototypes.
    Desired skills
    Experience working in an informal, fast paced, rapid prototyping environment
    Experience or Familiarity with deep learning and/or reinforcement learning
    Experience with GPU development in CUDA or OpenGL
    Experience with software defined radio
    Experience with FPGA firmware development or other embedded platforms
    Experience building a system around software defined radio
    Candidate should have experience with a D/VCS such as git
    Graduate course work in CV/ML/Digital signal processing
    As a leading technology innovation company, Lockheed Martin s vast team works with partners around the world to bring proven performance to our customers toughest challenges.
    Lockheed Martin has employees based in many states throughout the U. S., and Internationally, with business locations in many nations and territories.

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    Artificial Intelligence Solutions Architect


    AWS is one of Amazons fastest growing businesses, servicing millions of customers all over the world, reshaping the way global enterprises consume information technology, and powering the developers who are building the next generation of global industry leaders. AWS customers include some of the most innovative startups like Netflix, Airbnb and Instagram, as well as some of the largest global enterprises like Shell, Unilever, Hitachi, Sharp, and Samsung.
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking for Solutions Architects to build an ecosystem of partners with solutions in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. This is a hands-on, highly technical position for someone who can dive deep, build complex, AWS-optimized architectures, and develop a long-term strategy with AWS business development and service teams.
    You must have deep technical experience working with technologies related to artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or deep learning. A strong mathematics and statistics background is required, in addition to experience building complex classification models. You must be familiar with the ecosystem of software vendors in the AI/ML space, and will leverage this knowledge to help us decide where AWS should invest from a partnership and product perspective.
    Candidates must have great communication skills and be very technical, with the ability to impress AWS customers at any level, from executive to developer. Previous experience with AWS is desired but not required, provided you have experience building solutions that run in virtualized environments. You will get the opportunity to work directly with senior engineers at both top software vendors and AWS service teams, influencing their roadmaps and driving innovation.
    This position can be based in any major US city where AWS has significant operations.
    Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation.


    3+ years design/implementation/consulting experience with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning solutions
    Strong expertise with classification models
    Solid grounding in statistics, probability theory, data modeling, machine learning algorithms and software development techniques and languages used to implement analytics solutions
    Deep experience with data modeling and analytics solution stacks
    Technical consulting and architecture with large-scale engagements
    Experience using and adapting to new technologies
    Demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, product, and technical challenges


    Advanced degree in computer science, engineering or mathematics
    3+ years hands-on experience working with AWS or other cloud/virtualization platforms
    3+ years working with enterprise customers

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    Healthcare - Research Staff Member, Artificial Intelligence

    At IBM Research, we diligently craft a work environment that inspires brilliant and thoughtful work. We love being first: our AI systems were the first to challenge world champions in chess, TD-gammon, and Jeopardy! Our Quantum and Neuromorphic researchers are pioneering architectures essential to the future of AI. We love going deep: our researchers publish their research in top AI journals and conferences such as NIPS, ICML, IJCAI, AAAI and KDD, and have been recognized with Turing Awards, Nobel and Kavli Prizes, National Medals of Science and of Technology, and the most patents for 24 years running! We love data and scalability: our Watson Health business gives our AI researchers access to enormous volumes and varieties of data, and the context to create technology that is already saving lives.
    Job Description
    Were looking for research scientists who are passionate about developing next generation AI methodologies that will have profound impact on health and healthcare, and improve peoples lives. Our ambitious AI for Healthcare research agenda include deep learning and deep phenotyping integrating multiple aspects of healthcare data, probabilistic temporal modeling of disease and disease progression, causal inference from observational data, structured prediction, federated learning to leverage distributed data sets, integration of medical and health observational data with systems and chemical biology models, knowledge representation and probabilistic reasoning, and effective computing.
    As an IBM Researcher, you get to work on the most cutting-edge and exciting projects and interact with the brightest minds. We want to bring out the best in you and expect you to do the same to us. Your proactive approach to creative problem solving will be essential to the success of our team and the company.
    Work Locations include
    Cambridge Massachusetts or Yorktown Heights, New York

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    Artificial Intelligence Trainer

    Structurely is building an artificial intelligent real estate assistant to help communicate and qualify online real estate leads.

    We do this through Aisa Holmes, every Realtor's dream assistant. Aisa is able to understand, extract and quantify hundreds of thousands of different messages real estate buyers and sellers are sending her way.

    This is due to our teams best-in-class proprietary artificial intelligence. As an Artificial Intelligence Trainer at Structurely you will handle incoming messages sent to Aisa by our real estate agent's buyers and sellers.


    You will annotate incoming real estate inquiry messages with a variety of labels, including:

    - Intent classifiers ranging from sentences similar to "saying hello" to "property availability" to Aisa's "favorite movie"

    - Extracting real estate entities, such as the buyer's search preferences

    - Standardizing data: just like we need to translate French into English we need to translate numbers and words into data Aisa can use to lookup real estate properties.

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